Mission & Purpose

The Detroit People’s Food Co-Op is an African American led, community-owned grocery cooperative. The co-op’s purpose is to provide improved access to healthy food and food education to Detroit residents. Meeting the needs of the community is achieved through the democratic control of the co-op by its member/owners.

Food co-ops continue to be developed throughout the world as a means to increase access to healthy, sustainably grown food while building community ownership and empowerment. In the United States, many food co-ops are located in college towns or affluent communities. The Detroit People’s Food Co-op, which will be located in Detroit’s historic North End, will be an unique model, serving an urban, predominately African American, low and moderate-income community.

The Detroit People’s Food Co-op will be a full-service grocery store, open to the general public, and cooperatively-owned. Member/owners elect six of the nine members of the Co-op’s Board of Directors. The other three board members will be appointed by the Detroit Black Community Food Security Network (DBCFSN), the non-profit organization leading the formation of the Co-op. That nine-person board will set policy and hire an experienced general manager. The Detroit People’s Food Co-op will create more than 20 jobs for community residents.

The purpose of the Co-op shall be to serve citizens of the Detroit community by:


Improving community access to fresh and healthy food

DPFC will provide its member/owners and the community with greater access to healthy foods, and greater control of the food system. The Co-Op is not profit-driven and will uphold product standards in line with the desires of the member/owners.


Educating the community about nutrition and sustainability

DPFC will offer educational materials and classes to help our community learn more about nutrition, cooking, healthy living, sustainability, community development and more. We are committed to help heal individuals, our community, and the earth.


Benefiting the community by supporting local businesses

DPFC will prioritize working with local businesses in order to support our community and keep as much of our money as possible here…in Detroit. The co-op will prioritize buying from local growers and producers, service providers and other vendors whenever possible to help our community thrive.


Assuring Member access to the goods, services, and facilities of the Co-op

DPFC will provide access to goods and services that will serve as wide of a variety of dietary needs and preferences as possible in order to be as welcoming to all members of our community. We will actively work to remove barriers to accessing the goods and services that the co-op offers.