Detroit People's Food Co-op

Welcome to Detroit People's Food Co-op


The member-owners of the DPFC will exercise control of the business through selection of a Board of Directors, as laid out in the organization’s by-laws. The board will select a General Manager who will be responsible for the operations of the store. Member-owners in good standing are eligible to run for a position on the Board of Directors in our annual elections.


Elected Board Member &
Board President
2 Year Term, 2022-2024

Dr. Velonda Anderson

Elected Board Member & Operations Committee Chair
3 Year Term, 2023-2026

Karen Brown

Board Member & Fundraising and Finance Committee Chair
3 Year Term, 2023-2026

Angela Lugo-Thomas

Elected Board Member & Communications Committee Chair
3 Year Term, 2022-2025

Jamii Tata

Elected Board Member & Chair of the Operations Committee
3 Year Term, 2021-2024

Malik Yakini

DBCFSN Board Appointee,
Chair of the Elections, Scholarships, and Black Caucus Committees

Gabrielle Davis

Elected Board Member & Treasurer
3 Year Term 2023-2026

Desiree M. Ferguson

DBCFSN Board Appointee & Secretary
3 Year Term, 2023-2026

Shakara Tyler

DBCFSN Appointed Board Member

The Detroit People’s Food Co-op is a Black-led and community-owned grocery cooperative. The co-op’s purpose is to provide improved access to healthy food and food education to Detroit residents. Meeting the needs of the community is achieved through the democratic control of the co-op by its member/owners.