Detroit People's Food Co-op

Welcome to Detroit People's Food Co-op

Benefits of Co-op Membership:

How can you get involved In the Detroit People’s Food Co-op?

The first step is to JOIN! Membership is open to individuals who are residents of Michigan and over 21 years of age. The price to purchase a lifetime member/owner equity share in the co-op is $200 per person (one person per share please). The share price can be paid in one lump sum or spread out over ten monthly installment payments.

For more information, please call (833) DPFC-313 or (833) 373-2313

The Detroit People’s Food Co-op is a Black-led and community-owned grocery cooperative. The co-op’s purpose is to provide improved access to healthy food and food education to Detroit residents. Meeting the needs of the community is achieved through the democratic control of the co-op by its member/owners.