When you become a member/owner of the Detroit People’s Food Co-op, you actually help shape the development of the project. You help to make sure the integrity of the project is in place, that the values are sustained, and that it continues to be an institution that serves our community.

Become a Member / Owner

What's the best way for us to contact you to keep you up to date Co-op news? Typically, we send updates out once or twice a month. 

Member/Owner Engagement

There are many ways to be involved with the Co-op. How are you interested in getting more involved? 

The Co-op currently has three working committees:Finance & Development designs and manages member/owner loan campaign refines store financial projections and budgets. Operations determine product line, leads the search for general manager, identifies distributors and local growers. Membership & Outreach conducts community engagement sessions and provides members/owners with regular updates.   

Which committee would you be most interested in working with?

What skills are you excited to share with the Co-op? 

Choose Your Payment Plan

Age Qualification StatementThe Detroit People’s Food Co-op will sell beer and wine. Michigan law prohibits minors from having ownership in an establishment that sells alcohol.  Therefore, all member/owners must be at least 21 years of age.  I affirm that I am 21 years of age or older.

A copy of the by-laws of the Detroit People's Food Co-op, member/owner statement of rights, and a membership certificate will be provided when this application and payment are received.

I understand that I will be granted all of the rights and privileges of being a member/owner of the Detroit People's Food Co-Op, with the exception of Board of Directors membership, after I have made my initial or full payment, as long as I adhere to the payment schedule that I have agreed to.  Failure to adhere to the terms of this agreement may result in termination of my membership.  If my membership is terminated for non-payment.  I will be given a full refund of all monies paid towards membership/ownership minus any fees associated with my transaction. 

By checking "I agree" you signifying agreement to the terms above.